The Aosta Valley is rich in materials fit for craftwork – from the traditionally-made lace and woven cloth to the abundance of trees providing ample wood for sculpture, carving, furniture, wooden clogs and household items. Wherever you go, you’ll see evidence of these crafts, but there is also a host of special fairs and events held throughout the year to showcase the Valley’s craftwork. In addition, you can visit Museo dell’Artigianato Valdostano di tradizione (MAV), a traditional craftwork museum, or seek out special sights along the crafts route.

Local materials

In a valley filled with trees and rich in minerals, many materials have been produced and used in industry here over the centuries. As well as the many practical uses of the local stone, the generation of iron, and the use of wicker, leather and wood to aid everyday life both in the workplace and at home, materials produced in the Aosta Valley have their decorative and creative uses too. Wooden sculpture, ornaments and furniture are still in abundance here, often reflecting the family values and faith of the people; and lace-making and costume-craft is an ancient tradition not yet forgotten.

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Museo dell'Artigianato Valdostano di tradizione

MAV is a traditional craftworks museum where objects no longer used in everyday life and sculptures are exhibited. Defined by the characteristics of the culture, customs and beliefs of the community of the Aosta Valley, its exhibitions showcase the region’s raw materials, traditional shapes and design, and old craft techniques and experiences.

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Craftwork events and fairs

Local craftsmen – and apprentices of the region’s various crafts – take great pride in what they produce and as such, there are several events and fairs that showcase the Aosta Valley’s impressive creative disciplines. From traditional wooden carving, sculpture and furniture, to stone craft, lace-making and pottery, visitors to the fairs can admire the exhibitions, watch demonstrations of productions, and buy pieces that catch their eye.

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