History & culture

From the spectacular Roman ruins, beautiful churches and fascinating archaeological sites of Aosta town, to the ancient castles which dot the valley and the numerous festivals which take place throughout the year, the Aosta Valley is brimming with history and culture.


The history of language is evident in the Aosta Valley. With French replacing Latin, only to be ‘banned’ in favour of Italian in the 19th century, today Aosta hosts several dialects as a result of its history. 

Cultural events

Throughout the year the Valley hosts enchanting festivals, carnivals and wildlife events that attract visitors in their thousands. 


From lace-making and iron work to sculpture, carving and pottery, the Aosta Valley is full of craftwork for visitors to admire. 


Aosta’s museums feature archeological discoveries, precious artefacts and religious relics, as well as virtual tours of the Alps. 

Roman monuments

Ancient Roman roads, a crumbling theatre, city walls, bridges and old crypts are all in evidence throughout the valley. 



From frescoes of dragons to statues of the Virgin Mary, Aosta’s churches are both beautiful and fascinating. 


The Aosta Valley is full of ancient castles to explore. Here you can find out more about some of its finest specimens.